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Study-after-study on vacation cost comparisons confirms RVing is the most affordable way to vacation with families getting 50 to 80 percent more for their money than other means of travel. RVing can be an affordable vacation if you budget wisely. To cut costs and have fun at the same time - rent an RV or plan a visit to an RV park/campground that provides on-site rentals.

Ed Garner's Autorama RV Center, Inc.
(515) 282-0443
2227 SE 14th Street
Des Moines, IA
Grand Homes III LLC
(515) 277-8009
po box 17231
Des Moines, IA
Lee's Campers
(641) 423-5860
47 33rd St
Mason City, IA
Gansen Auto & RV
(888) 985-2002
104 E Main St
Riceville, IA
Leach Camper Sales, Inc.
(866) 621-0821
1629 W South Omaha Bridge Rd
Council Bluffs, IA
Des Moines RV
(515) 280-1026
2401 SE 14th Street
Des Moines, IA
Imperial RV Center
(800) 444-1424
1727 S Ankeny Blvd
Ankeny, IA
McKee Auto Center
(800) 248-4489
400 First Ave PO Box 160
Perry, IA
Harrison RV Land, Inc.
(800) 397-8206
PO Box 189
Jefferson, IA
Ace Fogdall, Inc.
(800) 747-0747
7805 Ace Place
Cedar Falls, IA

Budgeting Tips for Your RV Trip

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Budgeting Tips for Your RV Trip

Study-after-study on vacation cost comparisons confirms RVing is the most affordable way to vacation with families getting 50 to 80 percent more for their money than other means of travel. This should come as no surprise. Since RVs provide transportation, lodging, and meals in one package, you control most costs and seldom find hidden surprises.

Planning Pays Off

Planning the details of your RV trip in advance is always wise. That way you know the location of quality restaurants, top notch RV parks and campgrounds, and interesting attractions in a given area. You'll know if there is a special festival or event that you might want to attend. Since northern area parks sometimes close during winter, and attractions' hours of operation may vary throughout the year, planning ahead ensures that you won't turn up at a place that's closed, wasting precious time and money.

State and Canadian provincial tourism departments are eager to let you know what their area has to offer vacationers. Most have booklets providing descriptions of attractions, accommodations, and restaurants found in all corners of their state or province, plus phone numbers of city chambers of commerce. Guides to hunting, fishing, state parks, and calendars of events are other freebies. Most states and provinces will send their official highway map. Calls to most tourism departments are toll free, and you can find their numbers in every Woodall's Campground Directory.

While on the road, always stop at welcome centers. You'll find friendly hosts eager to hand out tons of information.

After contacting the state or province you want to visit, write to the cities you'll visit for more detailed information. Address your request to a particular city's chamber of commerce. Tell them specifically what interests you and ask for brochures on attractions and campgrounds. Are you into museums, theaters, natural wonders, history, zoos? Do you enjoy industrial tours or attending special events? Let them know so they can help you plan. Be sure to inquire if they have a city map they could send you. Contact states and cities a few months ahead of your trip since they usually send material via third class mail.

If you're headed to the national parks and monuments, write to their superintendents several weeks in advance. Advise them what type of activities you prefer such as hiking, camping, or listening to ranger talks. Tell them when you'll visit and request a special events schedule. Ask for brochures on any attractions they have.

Budgeting For Rental Fees

The biggest investment in your RV/camping rental vacation is the price of renting an RV. Depending on the season and dealership, most motorhomes rent from $70 to $170 per day. Truck campers and travel trailers average $50 to $120 a day. Costs vary from dealer to dealer including cleaning and sanitation fees, generator rental fees, propane usage fee, insurance,...

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