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Camping Discounts Freeport IL

There are many options that give you a discount on camping sites. You can be a work camper or join a campground membership or discount club which all offer camping discounts at some excellent RV parks.

Camp Henry Horner of Jewish Council For Youth Services
(847) 740-5022
26710 W Nippersink Rd
Ingleside, IL
Decoma Day Camp
(847) 272-4560
4350 Walters Ave
Northbrook, IL
Discovery Day Camp Inc
(847) 831-2879
858 Ridge Rd
Highland Park, IL
Camp Chan Ya Ta
(618) 888-2515
9157 Klondike Rd
Worden, IL
Girl Scout Camp
(309) 726-1160
24201 Camp Peairs Rd
Hudson, IL
Mississippi Valley Christian Church Camp
(217) 723-4337
24201 State Highway 100
Pittsfield, IL
YMCA Day Camp
(217) 483-4110
RR 1
Chatham, IL
Girl Scout Camp
(217) 864-2213
RR 6
Decatur, IL
Engelkes Wes & Eileen
(815) 645-8277
9560 E Lindenwood Rd
Chana, IL
Manville Camp
(815) 358-2384
27658 N 900 East Rd
Cornell, IL

Camping Discounts

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How to Get Camping Discounts at RV Parks

Most everyone enjoys camping. It’s a great way to get outside, to see the country, to spend time with family and friends. It’s an excellent opportunity for some solitude, as well. But camping can get a little pricey, especially the more you camp. So how can you save money and still go just about anywhere you want? Well, there are quite a few options available.

Work-camping for Camping Discounts

Some campgrounds allow campers to get a great discount on camping sites, or even camp for free, plus wages, in exchange for working at the campground. This can include maintaining the grounds, running the park, working in a camp store, and other such jobs around the campsite. These opportunities tend to be seasonal, primarily between the months of May through October. Not all campgrounds offer this kind of opportunity, but many do, and if you’re able to land one of these work camping jobs, your trip will be a lot cheaper and you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the park you’re in.

Membership Campgrounds for Camping Discounts

If you camp often, you might want to look into getting a membership for various parks. Most programs offer campgrounds throughout the country. Some membership programs include Thousand Trails and KOA. If you like to camp a lot and are always looking for new places to go, or if you want to go on a long trip to a lot of RV parks, a membership may be a good route for you. You pay one fee and have access to all of the parks. There are a large variety of parks to visit, various discounts and special offers throughout the year, and a level of simplicity of going through one company for all your camping destinations. You’ll have a good idea of what to expect from each membership park.

Camping Discount Clubs

Unlike a campground membership, clubs may offer a bit more diversity. The parks that they work with are individually managed, rather than all managed by one company. There are many camping discount clubs, including Happy Campers Club, Passport America, and Camp Club America. The membership fees tend to be much lower than campground membership fees, and instead of paying one park fee, you’ll get a discount of 50% off at each campground you visit. There are also some discount camping clubs which offer smaller discounts (only 10% off) but may have fewer restrictions and blackout dates such as The Good Sam Club of America and Kampgrounds of America (KOA).

When trying to decide what program is best for you, remember to look at how you camp. Do you like to have a wide variety of options? Do you prefer the tried and true campgrounds you always visit? Do you camp for long periods of time that could easily be filled with some campground work? Take a look at the different options you have and try a few out. Ultimately, you’ll find the system that offers you camping discounts in a way that suits your camping style.

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