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Traveling with children a long distance can be a real trial, but it doesn't have to be. Here are top 5 suggestions of how to keep them happy and yourself sane on a family trip.

Battle Row Campground (Nassau County Park)
(516) 572-8690
Old Bethpage, NY
Campground Availability
1-Apr thru Last Sun in Nov
Standard Flush, Basins, Hot Showers, Dump Station
Partial Handicap Access, Pets OK
Additional Facilities
Picnic Tables, Grills, Fire Rings, Wood
Playground, Basketball, Volleyball, Sports Field

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(718) 276-7000
Jet Blues
(718) 709-2565
118-29 Queens Boulevard
Forest Hills, NY
Americas Travel Express Corp
(718) 381-4570
158 Wyckoff Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Airland Travel Svces Corp
(718) 376-9090
1838 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Ergonomic Group Inc.
(516) 746-7777
191 Herricks Road
Garden City Park, NY
Air Park Parking
(516) 885-3342
15344 S Conduit Ave
Jamaica, NY
Osullivans Travel Svce
(718) 885-0715
91 Winters St
Bronx, NY
(718) 505-7494
P.O. Box 71305
Flushing, NY
Adirondack Gateway Campground & Lodge*
(315) 826-5335
244 Burt Rd
Coldbrook, NY
Campground Availability
May 15-Oct 15
Standard Flush, Basins, Hot Showers, Dump Station
Accomodates Big Rigs, Clubs Welcome, Pets OK
Additional Facilities
Picnic Tables, RV Storage, Fire Rings, Ice, Wood, Laundry
Rec Hall, Rec Room, Pool, Pond Fishing, Horseshoes, Volleyball, Golf Nearby, Sports Field

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RV Traveling with Children

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by RA Manseau · 2 Comments  

Three children in car

ARE WE THERE YET? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those words had never been invented! Traveling with children a long distance can be a real trial, but it doesn’t have to be. I have raised four children and have six grandchildren and I love taking them with me. I have learned what works well, what works for a while and what not to bother trying. (Don’t bother telling them to be quite or still! They really can’t do either very long.) Here are my top 5 suggestions of how to keep them happy and yourself sane on a family trip.

Preparations for Traveling with Children


Children are always hungry and thirsty. It will cut down the whining if they don’t have to go hungry and thirsty the whole trip. When packing for the family trip plan mess free snacks, stay away from chocolate or any other melty sticky gooey food stuff that you don’t want to clean off the seats, floors and windows. Bring bottled water, and a felt tip pen to mark names on bottles. Don’t bring anything in the car that when spilled will make a sticky stain. Doesn’t Natural Law state, “The messier the mess the more likely the spill?”

Allow extra time

Depending on just how far your family trip is and how much time you have. Plan time for scheduled restroom breaks. Don’t let restroom stops be optional! If you plan restroom stops at even intervals and make everyone get out of the car and “try” to go, you will have a lot less, “But, I didn’t have to go then.” Even with scheduled stops there will be times when traveling with children that they need to “go.” And, there isn’t anything to do then but stop the car. But if you make them at least try to go potty at the scheduled stops, you will find the necessity for unplanned stops greatly reduced.

Little girl in puddle

Take extra clothes

It is inevitable that if you don’t take extra clothes on your family trip, you will end up at the store buying them or have a child that is cold and miserable for hours. Children spill, fall down, find puddles and wet there pants. That is just the way they are, they really can’t help it! Bring a plastic bag to put the wet clothes into so they aren’t soaking into the carpet or worst case scenario, stinking up the car. It only takes an extra few minutes of preparation to save a lot of bother later.

On the Family Trip

Be free

Family trips are about everyone in the family having a good time. Children love to feel empowered and free. They love to think that you put everything on hold for them. One of the best memories I hear my children talk about was a time when we were on a 6 hour drive home and we passed a sign on the freeway that said, “Zoo next exit” They were tickled pink when I said, “Do you want to go to the zoo?” The choice was theirs, they were empowered, and by doing something totally off the plan they felt free. (So did I) We got home a little later than I had planned and I was tired the next day. But, I wo...

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