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Snell Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory
(870) 268-0001
900 Professional Acres Dr
Jonesboro, AR
Medical Suppliers

Action Medical Supply Inc
(870) 483-6959
109 Highway 463 S
Trumann, AR
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Cooper Rehabilitation Center Pa
(870) 239-9870
2205 Linwood Dr
Paragould, AR
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Advanced Home Iv Services
(501) 336-8350
1235 Sturgis Rd
Conway, AR
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Ncs Healthcare Of Arkansas Inc
(501) 228-6800
10620 Colonel Glenn Rd
Little Rock, AR
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Soos Drug Inc
(870) 932-6930
2905 E Nettleton Ave
Jonesboro, AR
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City Drug Of Harrisburg Inc
(870) 578-2020
804 N Illinois St
Harrisburg, AR
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Golden Triangle Services Inc
(870) 836-6055
675 California Ave Sw
Camden, AR
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Dox Medical Supply
(501) 354-6939
6 Hospital Dr
Morrilton, AR
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Health Tech Affiliates Inc
900 N Washington St
Forrest City, AR
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Medical Emergencies � First-Aid Kits

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July 1, 2010 by Professor95 · 2 Comments  

Last week I wrote about Medical Emergency Preparedness for Campers. My thrust was the importance of knowing how to do CPR correctly.

This week I am going to write about some issues and items that should be included in a camper’s first aid kit. In looking at this kit it is relevant to remember as a camper you will most likely be further away from fully equipped emergency medical resources and will have to take charge of any accident or illness and perform the necessary first responder care yourself.

Therefore, the first item in your kit needs to be knowledge. Knowledge comes from training programs offered by the American Red Cross and many local EMS organizations. It is always best to have someone in your group that actually knows first-aid and can safely care for someone.

Trailer Life magazine had an excellent article in the June 2010 issue. Expect the Unexpected: RV First-Aid Kit’s appeared on page 27. If you have the issue, read the article. The checklist for a Basic RV First-Aid Kit is extremely complete and should be in all RV’s.

What I’m going to do is go over some items that are not necessarily considered “standard”. They are items or over-the-counter medications that should be in your RV.

Poison Ivy leaves

One of the expected dangers while camping are Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. Both of these plants contain a resin called Urushiol . I want you to think of urushiol as the stickiest, gooiest stuff you have ever encountered. It is easily transferred to the skin or clothing by rubbing against the plants or touching any item that may have urushiol on it from previous contact. The resin can remain on an object for years. In fact, 1/4 ounce of the stuff could infect every person in the world. WOW, talk about chemical warfare agents, this one would be horrible!

Typical rash caused by Poison Ivy or Poison Oak

Since you cannot see urushiol on skin or clothing it is easy to ignore the effect it has on the skin until a red rash breaks out and it begins to itch. What amazes me is how many people say they are not allergic to urushiol. Well, guess what? Everybody is allergic to urushiol. Some are just not as sensitive as others or may take several reoccurring exposures over time to develop a reaction.

So, what do you do if you suspect contact with a plant containing urushiol?

The most logical and wrong answer is to take a bath or shower to wash it off. Unfortunately, it does not wash off easily with most bath soaps. What you need is original green Dawn dishwashing detergent. It is one of the few cleaning agents that will remove urushiol rather than just spread it around and push it into the pores of your skin.

So, next to knowledge, add Dawn to your first-aid kit.

Another item that is often overlooked for RV first-aid kits are padded board splints. These items are easily made from a small 2’ x 2’ piece of 1/4” thick plywood or ha...

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Not Just for Seniors

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July 31, 2010 by Hoby · 2 Comments  

I wanted to share what I consider an excellent precaution that everyone should take when traveling or camping in their RV and have a medical condition or take medications. While this project is designed for Seniors, it would be beneficial for any family member. When traveling, anything can happen, so you should take precautions and be prepared. This project was brought to my attention by the Safety Committee in Retama Village (an adult living community for RVers down in the Rio Grande Valley) after one of the residents experienced medical issues that required calling 911. The Committee recommended it as a standard for all residents and their RVs.

The specific item I’m referring to is called the Vial of Life Project (sponsored by Senior ). The goal of the project is to ensure all Seniors have the Vial of Life kits in their homes. It also makes sense, though, to have them in your RV (for some of us the RV and home are the same) and even your car.

The way the system works is that you receive a kit, which contains 2 stickers and a medical information form for each person. The form contains basic medical information that covers everything from hearing and vision to medical conditions and medications to doctor and insurance information. 

Medical Form

Vial of Life Medical Information

Once you receive the kit, you fill out the form for each person, and you put the completed form into a zip-lock bag. You place one sticker on the bag and then tape it to your refrigerator door (remember not to cover it with all those magnets or artwork from the kids).

You then place the other sticker at eye level at your front door. This notifies any rescue workers that might enter your RV that there is medical information available on the refrigerator. For the car, you might put one sticker on the windshield and the other on the glove compartment with the medical information.

Vial of Life Sticker

Sticker for Door

This is a simple...

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