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Luxury Tent Camping Norfolk NE

While the term "tent camping" does not summon images of absolute comfort, there is another way to go: luxury tent camping.

Bethesda Mini Camp
(402) 847-3388
105 Winnetoon County Rd
Creighton, NE
Camp Christian
(402) 727-1945
1302 W Ridgeland Rd
Fremont, NE
Wilderness Park Day Camp
(402) 441-7084
3131 S 1st St
Lincoln, NE
American Lung Association of Nebraska
(402) 572-3030
7101 Newport Ave Ste 303
Omaha, NE
Camp Moses Merrill
(402) 666-5639
2849 Road 31
Linwood, NE
Koa West Omaha
(402) 332-3010
14601 Highway 6
Gretna, NE
Covenant Cedars Bible Camp Association
(402) 757-3241
2909 N W Rd
Hordville, NE
Wilderness Park Day Camp
(402) 441-7085
3001 S 1st St
Lincoln, NE
Girl Scouts Homestead Council
(402) 873-4285
1701 S 17th St
Lincoln, NE
Diamond T Rv Park
(402) 228-0103
18550 US Highway 77
Beatrice, NE

Luxury Tent Camping

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Luxury Tent Camping for Your Next Camping Vacation… Can Tent Camping Be Luxurious?

When we think of tent camping, a lot of words come to mind but none of them are “luxurious.” Instead, images of roughing it come to mind, like sleeping on the floor, needing lots of bug spray, and going without the amenities we’ve grown accustomed to at home. The idea of it being fancy is almost laughable, and the idea of receiving maid service is just puzzling. However, luxury tent camping does exist!

Luxury tent camping, often referred to as “glamping” (short for glamorous camping), is becoming a more and more popular camping vacation choice. It is thought of by many as camping for the big kids. When going on your camping vacation, you will indeed stay in a tent, but this will not be like any tent you have ever slept in before. Forget about polyester walls and flimsy poles. And don’t even think about sleeping on uneven ground with a rock under your hip. Stepping into a luxury tent is like stepping into an oasis, a little slice of heaven on earth. Gone are the sleeping bags, replaced with a beautiful, luxurious bed. Gone are the polyester floors, in its place hard wood flooring adorned with rugs. Forget about a Coleman lantern, this tent is rigged with electricity. And don’t worry about peeling your shoes off before climbing in, there’s daily maid service! And forget about those midnight trips through dark wilderness just to use the bathroom. Your luxury tent has one.

A camping vacation is one of the most common ways people go on vacation. And with a camping vacation comes a lot of preparation, packing and planning. There’s the equipment (tent, sleeping bags, cookware, chairs, etc), the food, and everything else that we have to remember to bring along. And we expect to lose comfort in exchange for some time with nature. However, with glamping, you still get to enjoy all the pleasures of camping, just with a lot less stress, equipment and all the comforts you’re used to. Most luxury tent camping resorts are tucked away amid the wilderness so when glamping, you still get to experience the joys of nature. And for those of us that want to get away and aren’t very outdoorsy, this is the perfect way to camp.

Staying the night in a luxury tent will certainly be a nice change of pace, but it will come with a change in price, as well. Glamping prices compare to some of the fancier hotels, ranging anywhere between $100 a night all the way up to $2,000. Depending on where you stay, it will certainly cost a bit more than a traditional camping vacation, but a little piece of heaven in an oasis of nature may just be worth it.

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