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RV Camping with Pets Hazard KY

There are some options for ensuring your pet's safety when you are away from your RV. Read on.

Highlander Guide Service
(606) 784-7008
737 Old Flemingsburg Rd
Morehead, KY
Bates' Guide Service
(270) 866-8703
32 Comanche Way
Russell Springs, KY
Kentucky Derby Museum
(502) 634-0676
Louisville, KY
Aligned Web Solutions Inc
(859) 296-2272
1030 Monarch St
Lexington, KY
Poores Bus Tours
(606) 387-2020
RR 1 Box 403
Albany, KY
Toby Tours
(502) 955-8680
145 Carter Ave
Louisville, KY
Rebecca Ruth Candy & Tours Factory
(502) 223-7475
112 E 2nd St
Frankfort, KY
Travel Crazy Inc
(502) 647-9122
709 Mount Eden Rd
Shelbyville, KY
Freedom Tours
(859) 971-1635
PO Box 24257
Lexington, KY
Deer Creek Lodge
(270) 835-2424
8160 State Route 132 E
Sebree, KY

Leaving Your Pet in the RV - Part II

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Today, there are a variety of auto generator products available that can help pet owners with this common dilemma. One of the most common new auto generator products is the Cummins Onan EC–30 control. This control is linked to the air conditioner thermostat so if the interior temperature of the RV goes above a pre–set level, the thermostat sends a signal to the EC–30 telling it to auto–start the generator. According to the website, the EC–30 will first check for shore power, and, if none is present, it will direct the generator to run for a 15 minutes, or as long as necessary to maintain the pre–set temperature.

Many newer RVs have the Cummins Onan EC–30 control built–in at the factory. For those that do not come equipped with an auto–start system, a new option is the wireless EC–30W. This control functions similarly to the EC–30 except it has its own built–in thermostat, so there is no need to link it to the air conditioner thermostat. This makes for easy installation that anyone can perform in around 10 minutes.

When using one of these auto–start generator products, there are no worries about wasting fuel by unnecessarily running the generator because it monitors shore power and will only start the generator when another power source is not present. Because of this "intelligence," the auto–start control can be left "on" when the RV is plugged in at a campground.

Friends, Family and Campground Managers

My husband (Jack) and I agree on a lot of things and we always get along really well – which is a good thing because we live inside about 20–cubic feet of motorhome (the rest is filled with dog and baby). However, we have differing opinions when it comes to the reliability of the option of having a friend, family, neighbor, or campground manager call you if the power goes out. He feels that this is the only guaranteed option for ensuring your pet's safety when you are away from your RV. I feel that it isn't as solid as some of the technology options. He says that technology can fail, but people won't. I say that technology is tested and many people aren't as reliable as we like to think. So, I guess that tells you which one of us is the optimist in life.

At any rate, aside from our opinions, this is another option for keeping your pets safe when you have to leave them in an RV. Give your contact information to an RV neighbor, friend, family, and/or campground manager and ask them to call you if the power ever goes out (or if there is some kind of problem with your pets in the RV). If the person is a pet lover, it will really be a bonus for you.

For example, one summer when I was a campground host in Arizona, a woman was staying at the park in an extremely dilapidated RV with a female dog and four puppies. Of course, being a pet lover, I kept a vigilant eye on the RV whenever she was away. Then, much to everyone's dismay, she didn't come back one Sunday. So, I watche...

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