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If you are going for an RV camping, we strongly recommend that you select an evacuation destination, lay out a trip itinerary, and make reservations at the appropriate RV resort or campground before you leave.

O'Brien's Rogue River Outfitters
(541) 476-2404
5556 Lower River Rd.
Grants Pass, OR
Mt. Hood Railroad
(800) 872-4661
110 Railroad Ave
Portland, OR
Andes Wine Experience USA
(541) 963-7878
1505 L Ave
La Grande, OR
Cascade Guides & Outfitters
(541) 593-2358
57100 Mall Dr
Bend, OR
Oregon Rail Corp
(503) 226-8181
1200 NW Naito Pkwy Ste 500
Portland, OR
Alpventures Tours to Europe
(503) 997-TOUR
P.O. Box 457
Canby, OR
Ferron's Fun Trips
(800) 404-2201
Hog Creek Boat Landing
Merlin, OR
Oregon Ridge & River Excursions
(541) 496-3333
Glide, OR
Columbia Gorge Tours
(541) 298-7064
3500 Crates Way
The Dalles, OR
Van Go Tours
(503) 292-2085
2025 NE 49th Ave
Portland, OR

Making Way for Mother Nature

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Make a list of personal records and information to take with you in the RV for disaster situations that may cause severe or major damage to your home or community. Important papers include driver licenses, passports, social security cards, and appropriate immigration documents. Finally, don't forget check books, debit/ATM cards, credit cards, billing information and addresses, envelopes and postage, and savings and investment account statements and contacts.

We strongly recommend that all RVers with laptop computers make use of the free electronic banking over the Internet available from most banks and credit unions and also establish automatic deposit of incoming checks into their accounts.

Don't forget to bring home and personal insurance policy coverage documents and contact information, along with recent pictures of the exterior and interior of your home.

It is also important to have your medical and Rx insurance cards and contact information for all medical providers, prescription medications and unfilled prescription forms, and all pet license tags and inoculation records.

Make sure that your home and contents have the proper amount and type of insurance coverage for your area, including flood or earth quake insurance. Consider using a safety deposit box for valuables and important papers you have to leave behind. In addition, every home and RV should have a working NOAA weather radio.

Keep your RV service up to date and ready for use in case of the need to evacuate or to use it in case of loss of utilities. This means having the fuel, propane, and water tanks full, the holding tanks empty, and all fluid levels and at the correct level. It is also important to have the correct tire pressure in all RV tires, as well as the tires on the toad or tow vehicle.

Know Where to Find Safety

We strongly recommend that you select an evacuation destination, lay out a trip itinerary, and make reservations at the appropriate RV resort or campground before you leave.

Look for campgrounds and RV resorts that have cable TV so you can view the Weather Channel and get the news stations in the event you cannot get an on–the–air TV or satellite TV antenna signal. Traveling with portable GPS units, NOAA weather radios, and mobile wireless phones (and chargers) will help keep you advised as to what is happening.

Helpful Aids

An Internet–ready laptop computer lets you keep current with your financial and investment activities at home will work very well on the road and in the RV to keep up with electronic banking and bill pay services, investment account services, and E–mail to keep in touch with your family, friends, and work.

Using debit/ATM cards allows you to avoid carrying large amounts of cash. We recommend setting up automatic deposit of incoming checks. Some banks, such as USAA Federal Savings Bank, allow you to deposit checks via Internet with a computer, scanner, and Internet connection.

Products that can help RVers before,...

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