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Avid RVers and people who plan to use their RV often should buy RVs. Renting RVs is great for occasional camping trips, but can get expensive if you go out multiple times a year and over long distances.

Sage Mobile Home Sales
(219) 962-1183
534 E 37th Ave
Hobart, IN
Cruise America/Julie's Auto Sales
(800) 327-7799
612 Indianapolis Blvd
Schererville, IN
Campers Inn of Elkhart
(574) 343-2272
2503 Cassoplolis Street
Elkhart, IN
Customers First RV, Inc.
(866) 396-7044
307 Crone Rd
Memphis, IN
Tom Raper, Inc.
(800) 727-3778
2250 Williamsburg Pk
Richmond, IN
South Lake Homes
(219) 947-9444
4150 E Lincoln Hwy
Merrillville, IN
S & H RV Superstore
(219) 872-1023
625 E US Highway 20
Michigan City, IN
Basden's American RV
(812) 867-5200
PO Box 3641
Evansville, IN
(765) 473-8088
2574 S Strawtown Pike
Peru, IN
Family RV Rentals
(888) 535-9777
5049 N 300 E
Whiteland, IN

Renting Versus Buying RV

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Should You Rent RVs or Buy RVs?

Many people enjoy RV camping. Its fun, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to get out in nature. RV camping is great for traveling with the family, meeting new friends, and reconnecting with old ones. Also, it is something just about anyone can do. But when should you buy RV and when should you rent RV? Which method is better for you? Is one better than the other?

< h2> Buy RV – When Buying an RV is the Right Choice for You

When considering buying an RV, think about how often you’ll be using it. Do you plan on taking a lot of vacations? Or perhaps spending a long time on the road? Are you going to travel long distances? Are you able to store it on your property? If not, would you mind paying monthly storage fees? To Buy RVs is a big commitment, but if you will be using an RV a lot, renting doesn’t make very much sense. When you rent RVs, you rent it by the night and you often have a cap for miles. Also, generally when you rent an RV, you rent it bare, so you’ll either have to bring dishes, linens, a broom, etc or you can rent it for an extra fee. If you plan on traveling with pets, you may face an extra charge or the possibility of a cleaning fee. Plus, as an RV owner, you have more flexibility to RV travel whenever you feel like. So for the avid RVer, it makes much more sense to purchase your own RV.

Rent RV - When to Rent an RV

Some people only go RV camping once or twice a year, if that. These people enjoy camping, but may not have the time, or desire, to camp more often than that. For them, the expense of purchasing and storing an RV does not make much sense. Why purchase a big, beautiful RV if it’s just going to sit in storage month in and month out? Sometimes, renting is the better option. After you calculate the cost of the RV itself, the storage fees, insurance, maintenance, and all the other odds and ends of owning and maintaining an RV, renting a camper once or twice a year is economically more affordable. Rent RVs for as low as $75 up to $300 per night depending on make, model, amenities, size, and any added kits.

Sometimes, if you know you want to buy an RV, renting first is a great way to see what exactly you want out of your RV. If you rent an RV for one trip, then rent another kind of RV for your next trip, you’ll be able to compare styles, designs, amenities, size, and driving abilities prior to making your big purchase. Either way, RVing is a terrific way to see the country.

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