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As full-time RVers, pet owners, and professional writers, we’ve often been asked what it’s like actually like RVing and camping with pets. It may seem ridiculous at time, but it's where we are and here's what we've learned so far. From what we’ve observed, our dogs absolutely love the camping and RVing lifestyle.

Pet Safe Pro Underground Fence
(828) 289-7347
1420 Coopers Gap Road
Rutherfordton, NC
Four Paws Kingdom
(828) 287-7324
Rutherfordton, NC
Campground Availability
Easter thru Thanksgiving
Standard Flush, Basins, Hot Showers
Escort to Site, Partial Handicap Access, Accomodates Big Rigs, Age Restriction, Pets OK
Additional Facilities
Picnic Tables, RV Supplies, Fire Rings, Ice, Wood, Laundry, Limited Grocery
Rec Room, Pavilion, Pond Fishing, Play Equipment, Horseshoes, Hiking Trails

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River Creek Campground
(800) 421-7116, (828) 287-3915
217 River Creek Drive
Rutherfordton, NC
Campground Availability
57 Total Camp/RV Sites, 57 Electric and Water, 25 Full Hookups, 15 Tent Sites,
Cabin Rentals,

(919) 848-8412
240 Newston Road, Ste. 111
Raleigh, NC

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The Natural Pet Health Store, LLC.
(919) 837-0020
10536 Hwy 902
Bear Creek, NC

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Forest City Pets
(828) 248-2336
141 Thomas St.
Forest City, NC
Four Paws Kingdom Campground
(800) 421-7116, (828) 287-7324
335 Lazy Creek Drive
Rutherfordton, NC
Campground Availability
40 Total Camp/RV Sites, 40 20 Amp Service, 10 30 Amp Service, 30 50 Amp Service, 40 Electric and Water, 40 Full Hookups, 60 Max RV Length, 25 Pull-Thru Sites, 3 Rental Trailers, 40 Sideouts,
Firewood, Fenced Pet Area, Handicapped Restroom Facilities, Ice, WiFi Parkwide, Laundry, Pavilion, Pets Welcome, Store, Cabin Rentals, Park Trailers,
Biking Trails, Bird Watching, Fishing, Geocaching, Hiking Trails, Nature Trails, Picnic Area, Planned Activities, Sports Field, Swimming - Pond,

Sky Island Retreat & Campground, Inc.
(800) 421-7116, (828) 668-4928
88 Flatlander Road
Old Fort, NC
Campground Availability
20 Total Camp/RV Sites, 20 20 Amp Service, 6 30 Amp Service, 6 50 Amp Service, 20 Electric and Water, 12 Electric Only, 6 Full Hookups, 3 Group Sites, 35 Max RV Length, 6 No Hookups, 6 Pull-Thru Sites, 4 Seasonal, 6 Sideouts, 4 Tent Sites,
Cabin Rentals,
Mini Golf,

Music My Pet
1103 Taranasay Ct.
Charlotte, NC
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(336) 643-0068
9007 River Birch Drive
Oak Ridge, NC

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Travel Tips on RVing with Pets

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Travel Tips on RVing with Pets

By Julee Meltzer

As full-time RVers, pet owners, and professional writers, we’ve often been asked what it’s like to actually live and work in an RV with pets. After all, we’re not exactly the average RVing family. For the last three years, we’ve been living in a 34 ft. motorhome with two large German Shepherd dogs and three cats. This would be a lot of animals in a regular house, but in an RV it is sometimes ridiculous. Yet here we are and here’s what we’ve learned so far.

How Pets See RVing.

From what we’ve observed, our dogs absolutely love the camping and RVing lifestyle. Compared to living in a fenced-in yard, they have a life filled with exciting new places, interesting smells, new people, other dogs, and an endless assortment of fascinating wildlife. Our cats seem to really enjoy RVing as well. Instead of nearly freezing to death in the North every winter, they get to enjoy warm sunny days all year long as a result of heading south every autumn.

We’ve concluded that most pets, if given the choice, would rather be close to their family at all times. Fortunately, in an RV, you’re never far away.

Rules Are Good But Flexibility Is Better.

With so many creatures in such a small space, you might think that strict rules would be the key to survival. Ironically, flexibility is a better model. For example, when we first started living in the RV, we had a rule that read: “No dogs on the sofa”. However, after stumbling over the dogs on the floor for six months, we covered the sofa with a sheet and abandoned our rule. Today, our dogs are more comfortable and we have a lot more floor space. When we want to use the sofa, they move on to the floor and we simply remove the sheet. It isn’t elegant, but it works. Of course, our sofa which is 3 years old does now look like it is 20 years old, but we don’t mind because we love our doggies.

We have learned that the secret to living in close quarters with other creatures isn’t about rules. Instead, it’s about tolerance, patience, and endless flexibility.

Make Sure You Design An Exit Strategy.

We enjoy our pets, but there are times when we need to make them disappear. For example, we have some friends that are a little uneasy about dogs. When they come over to visit, we put the dogs in the bedroom and lock the door. Likewise, when we have to take our motorhome to the shop for repairs, we put the dogs in the car. If it’s hot, we drive around with the air conditioner on. During service, we keep the cats locked in the RV’s bedroom.

Make sure you tape a note to the bedroom door to let the technicians know that there are cats inside the bedroom.

Keeping Them Safe and Healthy.

If you have a medical emergency on the road, you can’t simply pick up the phone and call your family vet. So whenever we stay in a new area, we locate a phonebook and write down the telephone number and address of the nearest emergency animal hospi...

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